Oh haaaay theres me ^.^ 

We don’t know where we are, but were still dancing on the stars.

Namaste bitchezz🐌🌄🌻#blessthisforest #shaaroomz (at The Forest🌲)


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Mirage 03 : Nick Lawn



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This is fucking fantastic. This is a newspaper article from 2004 revealling that the man who discovered DNA, Francis crick used LSD frequently and was high when he made his discovery. Saying he frequently used LSD as a ‘thinking tool’ to boost his mental powers.
And i am in love with this :)

opal-soul asked:
If you wouldn't mind me asking I was just curious how the sizing runs one the unif smiley bustier? You'd be the biggest help, thank you so much!! :)

they run kinda small.. i have a medium, but i wish i got a large because my boobs are a tad to big for mine 

chamakayy asked:
how old are you?


Down the rabbit hole, I fallll..🌻🌈

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